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Google DataStudio & Cloud

Google Data Studio now allows for extensive data dashboards and reporting for educators. Post questions and ideas here.

Jun 3

Jun 3

To make communication more immediate, we've created a DataSig Slack channel. Please join us at: https://join.slack.com/t/datasig/shared_invite/enQtNjI1MjAwNjg0MTM1LTRhZGU5Y2NlZWNkNmRhYmNjNWJlMjAzYzEwZ
Jan 25

So all of the reports I have made so far have Google Sheets as their data source, usually created by uploading an Excel file and converting it to Google Sheets. I noticed that in my Drive, I now have
Jun 3

Rows are students, columns are test scores, grades, attendance, etc. Can GDS calculate a standard score for each student for each variable?
Feb 7

The Profiles area of the DESE Web site provides information related to school and district performance on MCAS on the "Assessment" tab. There is a Student Growth Scatter plot feature that allows you t