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Jan 25

Question about Data Sources


Edited: Jan 25

So all of the reports I have made so far have Google Sheets as their data source, usually created by uploading an Excel file and converting it to Google Sheets. I noticed that in my Drive, I now have filename.xls (the original file I uploaded), plus a Google Sheet called filename, and now that the Sheet has been used as a source, a DataStudio file called filename (NOT the report I used the Sheet for, it has the same icon as a report but when I click it, it opens to the field mapping screen in DataStudio). Obviously I can delete the original xls file, but do I need to keep both the Sheets and the DataStudio source file? Hope that makes sense. I didn't notice this until this week so I'm not sure if it's something new? If anyone has any insights, please share. Thanks.

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